Pray for Japan

31 Mar


By now, everyone old enough to comprehend the news probably knows what has happened in Japan.  For a few days following the earthquake pray for Japan was a trending topic on twitter and everyone had something on their social media accounts about what was happening across the globe.  The people in Japan still need our prayers.  And after reading an article on title, “Japan’s Nuclear Rescuers: ‘Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks” it is evident that the people of Japan need our prayers more than ever.  

The workers of Fukushima 50 are risking their lives to prevent a meltdown of reactors that were extremely damaged by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.  Each worker know that they are being repeatedly exposed to dangerously high radioactive levels but are willing to do so in order to cooling systems back online.  Please join me and take 90 seconds out of your day to pray for those risking their lives in Japan and anywhere else around the world to help save others.

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