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Two on Tuesday

22 Nov

I’ve learned many interesting things this past week but I’ve also learned two (new-to-me) amazing songs that I have to share with you.  I’ve wrote about the power of music before and my beliefs still stand; music can change your mood!  In the past week, whenever I’ve listen to one of these songs I found myself clapping and prancing around the house with a huge smile on my face.  Listen and enjoy!

Hillsong – Born Is The King (It’s Christmas)

Michael W. Smith – A New Hallelujah

What did you learn this week?


A Spoonful of Sugar…

14 Oct

Laura Michelle Kelly as Mary Poppins

According to my husband, I don’t have a birthday but instead a birthweek.  He insists that we celebrate my birthday for a week straight.  I think he exaggerates a bit much.

So for my birthday, this past weekend we headed to NYC to go to church and hang out with our church family.  As always, we had a fabulous time.  But unlike most NYC trips, this time we played tourists for a little bit.  Before church on Sunday, Adam, Jayden and I headed to see Mary Poppins on Broadway!  One of our friends we met through church has been playing Mary Poppins on Broadway for a while now and finally we were able to see her in action.  Laura was absolutely amazing; I couldn’t help but smile and cry!  We all loved the show and were so thankful to see Laura before she embarks on her next journey!

Jayden and Roman

After the show we made our way to church.  Church was incredible.  Very few words could be used appropriately to explain the movement that is happening in NYC right now.  I left church feeling inspired, closer to God and thankful for everything in my life.  We finished off the weekend with good friends, great conversation, way too many laughs and time for Jayden to play with his friends.  It was a great weekend and certainly a birthday I will never forget!  A big thank you to everyone for all the birthday love and wishes!

HillsongNYC: December Update

18 Nov


To all my New Yorkers check out what is going on with HillsongNYC in the month of December!  All my single friends that claim that can’t meet anyone in New York, you don’t want to miss December 7th at the Brooklyn Bowl.  It will be the first step in finding yourself a nice Christian man!

Give Thanks: My Church Family

15 Nov

>I won’t get into too much detail but I am so thankful for my church family.  It is just an amazing feeling knowing that no matter what is going on in your life you can always turn to your church family.  Raising a family and being around people that share the same core values as you makes life much easier!  I am and will forever be thankful for all of our Christian friends that continue to help me on my walk with Jesus.

>HillsongNYC: Update

1 Nov

>Here is the lastest update from our pastor, Carl Lentz.  He talks about how the church is going to continue to do monthly services until February so more relationships are built.  They are not in it to “win the battle” but to “win the war.”  Watch out NYC 🙂

>Videos of the Week

25 Oct

>There are two videos I would like to share with ya’ll this week.  The first one, my dear friend Erin shared on her blog under the title “Identity Crisis.”  Please check it out.  Deanna Favre talks about how her faith is getting her through her current family troubles.

The next video is a glimpse of the first night of encounter for HillsongNYC.  The short video gives you an incredible feeling that God is really moving and the people of HillsongNYC are really starting to build a faithful church in His name.  To God be the Glory!

Please note: you can totally see Adam and I in the front row during the praise and worship part of the video.  Adam is a complete rockstar!


19 Oct

>There are no words to explain the weekend we had in New York City.  It was the most incredible, fulfilling weekend I have ever experienced in my life.

To give a little background, it goes like this.  After years of not having any communication, Adam and his college room/teammate Carl Lentz had began to talk again.  They have one of those friendships that years could pass by but when they’re together again it’s like a day has passed.  At the time, Carl and his wife Laura, were pastors at Wavechurch in VA Beach.  But since then Carl and Laura have been called to New York City by God to plant a church.  They have teammate up Hillsong (a thriving church that has many locations throughout Europe) to start HillsongNYC.

It has been an amazing ride thus far but on Sunday night it was their first night of Encounter; the official launch of HillsongNYC.  Over 5,000 people gather for 3 different services at the Salvation Army Center in Union Square.  The atmosphere was amazing.  God was certainly moving!  People joked about us staying and being there for all 3 services but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I met some of the most amazing, kind-hearted people to walk this earth.  Their love filled the air and their love for Jesus and desire to have an impact on a city that many people don’t know which direction their walking in is so strong.

November 14th is their next Encounter night.  It is in your best interested to be there!  Fly, drive, ride the train!  Whatever it takes… be there.