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You Don’t Have a Wipe Warmer?

13 Feb

This post may seem a bit harsh for some and others will understand exactly what I mean.

No I do not have a wipe warmer and I never will.  I also don’t have a bouncy seat that sings and one that vibrates, a table swing and a full-blown-take-up-your-entire-living-room-swing nor do I want one.

I ventured out to Babies R’ Us the other night and was shocked when I saw how many unnecessary baby items they have for sale.  A wipe warmer?  Come on.  A baby monitor with a video camera?  No thank you.  Diaper pails?  I’ll pass on that one too.  Designer crib bedding?  Looks darling but a Chamois Crib Sheet from Pottery Barn and a blanket will do.  I think a lot of times when preparing for a newborn to arrive it is easy to think about what we want as parents rather than what an infant really needs.  So why am I being some laissez faire about the arrival of our newest miracle?  When I packed up Jayden and headed to Croatia I brought the following items:

May 2007

Receiving blankets (Greatest blankets ever invented)!

Burb Clothes

Travel System Stroller


1 Rattle, 1 Soft Basketball


Sleep Positioner

A Hooter Hider

And that’s about it.  Maybe a few other small things here and there but we basically went over with the bare minimum.  Did I assume we would buy things over there, yes but much to our surprise, the only things we bought was a pack n’ play for Jayden to sleep in and a breast pump that was universal.  And to top it off, we were happy as clams!  No complaints and I never wanted or felt I needed to buy anything else!  So for the 2nd time around, we are going with the same approach.  Less is best (and besides I hate clutter)!

If you have any newborn must-haves, please share them!  I’d love to see if I am missing out on something.


Let’s Keep it Real

16 Nov

Do you ever read blog posts, facebook statuses or tweets and think “Gosh, that must be too good to be true?”  Can everyday really be so orderly?  Starting out with a healthy breakfast being served to perfectly behaved children who got dressed, brushed their teeth and went to the bathroom before coming to the table and before you even had to ask them.  Or having dinner prepared and ready at 5:30 PM with all the fixings, napkins on their laps and the blessing being said without having to remind your child that there are no toys at the dinner table, we use our utensils and we do not wipe our mouths on our shirts that’s what napkins are for.  Let’s not forget the entire day in between where our husbands were pouring compliments on us, did the dishes and laundry and even made the bed.  And our kids were playing so kindly and had lollipops after lunch because they were perfect all afternoon.  Now on to bed time, when 8 PM rolls around and the kids are showered and dressed in perfectly pressed pajamas, laying in their beds with their bible and patiently waiting for us to tuck them in.  As soon as your shut the light off and close the door you don’t hear from them again until 8 AM the next morning.  What?  This isn’t what a day looks like in your house?

Well, it’s time to be honest.  This is NOT what a day looks like in our house.  In fact, I usually have to remind Jayden 3 times to go to the bathroom in the morning, breakfast consists of toast with a yogurt and fruit, playtime, when he doesn’t have school, consists of me telling him 1000 times that balls are made for outdoor activities even though he insists that basketball is played indoors, nap time starts off with again me telling him to use the bathroom and usually finishes with one of us having to wake him up which is always fun.  Then comes the time after his nap and before dinner when he asks for at least 4 snacks because “his belly is telling him he’s hungry” and I have to say that silly phrase, “no.”  When dinner is served the first question is, “Do I have to eat all of this?” and the answer is always yes.  After some more playtime comes bath time when I am always reminded that he doesn’t take baths anymore, he showers like Daddy.  During the shower I always end up with a puddle of water on the floor which according to Jayden, “He is no idea how that could’ve got there.  Maybe there’s a whole in my curtain.”  And then 8:15 PM rolls around and the bedtime routine starts: he needs to go to the bathroom, again, needs a drink and we always need to pray.  His prayers range from 20 seconds to 10 minutes depending on how long he is trying to stall.  What?  Your child doesn’t stall at night?  I shut off the lights and say good-night only to hear “Momma” 10 seconds later, right after I sat down for the first time in hours, to go in and say, “Yes, Jayden, it’s nunights.  Can I help you with something?”  And every time he says the same thing, “Yes Momma, I just wanted to see what we were going to have for breakfast” or “I just wanted to tell you I love you!”

So what’s the point of all my rambling.  At time point on blog posts, facebook statuses and tweets we have to keep it real.  So once a week, I will be writing at least one “Keeping it Real” post.  I am a sinner saved by Grace, my marbles are not all in the right basket, I love my husband but our marriage is something we work at everyday and I am a young Mother learning as I go. However, I am beyond grateful I am to not doing this alone, thank you Jesus!

Tomorrow I will share with you my first “Keeping it Real” post.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

4 Nov

Halloween costumes.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  1. because the cheap ones always look so cheap and 2. the nice ones are expensive and still not the best of quality.  So my days of making homemade costumes started when Jayden was 2 years old and he wanted to be Mickey Mouse.

Halloween 2009

There are some cute Mickey Mouse costumes out there and there are definitely some tacky ones.  I spent a little under $18 on this costume.

Hat – $1
Gloves – $1
Socks – $1
Leggings – $2.97
Turtle Neck – $2.97
Mouse Ears & Tail – $2.97
2 White Buttons – $2.00
Clearance H&M Sweatpants – $4.00

Halloween 2010

The following year he wanted to be a fireman because he was really into Fireman Sam at the time.  Once again there are tons of fireman costumes out there but this one is so easy to make.  I spent $3 on this costume.  However, to be fair and honest I had purchased the Melissa and Doug Fireman kit from A.C. Moore a few months before Halloween for $15.00 at 50% off.

Yellow Felt – $2
Silver Ribbon – $1

Notice the black hat underneath the fireman hat?  Same hat that was part of the Mickey Mouse costume.

Halloween 2011

This year Jayden decided a week before Halloween that we should all be pirates.  His favorite show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates so I thought it was be a great idea.  I spent just under $17 to make all 3 costumes.  I have to add that I was given a sewing machine and thought this would be a good time to learn how to use it.  On the night I decided to make the costumes, Jayden and I were watching YouTube videos to figure our how to thread our needle and bobbin.  It was priceless!

Red Felt -$4.98
Black Belts – $1.42
Adam’s Pirate Pants – $2.00
Gold Ribbon – $2.97
2 Eye Patches/Hats – $2.13
1 Sword – $2.97
Jayden & I learning to use the sewing machine for the 1st time – PRICELESS

Who knows what next year will bring.  I am praying he decides on something easy like a ghost!

Daddy Daycare

27 Sep

If you follow my husband on Twitter you would’ve been bombarded with multiple tweets in a row when he was on a #DaddyDaycare kick.  I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh again.  Here were some of his tweets:

We watch Power Rangers when Mommy is working #DaddyDaycare

We are going to dress ourselves in whatever our hearts desire.  Cut off shirt, basketball shorts & rainboots.  #Daddydaycare

We turn our iPhones on silent to avoid the beeping of 1,000 texts from Mommy during the day.  Ummm, we got this Mom.  #Daddydaycare

Naps are shorter.  Workouts are longer.  Back to the gym we go!  #Daddydaycare

When I arrived at the gym later that day, Jayden had a sleeveless shirt on that read, “Defeat is NOT an option,” Nike basketball shorts that were too small and his fireman rain boots.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  But then I saw the size of the smile on Jayden’s face and I knew that he had an awesome day hanging with Dad.  Would I rather him watch Sid the Science Kid instead of Power Rangers?  Of course.  Would I rather him be wearing a matching outfit, fit for the occasion?  Most definitely.  Would I have like Jayden to get his full time in and not be woken up?  You know it!  But I shook it off and realized that the quality time him and Adam spent together that day was more important than anything listed above!

Meet the Basket Wives: Kearstin Harrington

19 Jul

How awesome is my friend, Erin?  She totally rocks!  If you want to read a great blog, check hers out, you won’t be let down.

About two months ago she asked if I would like to be interviewed for her “Meet the Basket Wives” series she does on her blog.  I quickly responded yes and today she posted my interview.  Check it out!

Tomorrow I will be giving you a taste of A Day In The Life of Erin plus 4!


Father’s Day 2011

19 Jun

I want to wish all the Daddy’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy-O!

Happy Father's Day, Dads!

While the baller is away…

6 Jun

There is a minimal amount of laudry.  1 load per week.

There are no dishes.

Our grocery bill drops from $60 to $20.

There is no mess around the house.  Our home is nice and neat at all times!

My bathroom sink is free of facial hair!

and a sandwich and some fruit is plenty for dinner.

While my house work has dramastically dropped in the last week, we really miss the man who creates that mess.  So although I may complain sometimes, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Who looks this good playing basketball?

Tough Mudder: New England

9 May

If you’ve never heard of a “Tough Mudder” before, you’re not the only one.  According to their website, the Tough Mudder is not your average lame mud run or spirit-crushing ‘endurance’ road race.  It’s Ironman meets Burning Man.  It is a 10-12 mile obstacle course that is designed by British Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental girt, and camaraderie.  Finish times are not important, simply completing a Tough Mudder is a badge of honor.  It goes on to say that the Tough Mudder is 3-4 times longer and much tougher than a typical mud run such as Warrior Dash.  On average, only 78% of participants finish and only those in strong physical condition should enter.

So my question is, who would want to pay to do such a ridiculous thing?  Well I would pay because all Tough Mudder sponsorship proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project but I would not put myself through something so crazy (well at least not right now).

When Adam heard that the Tough Mudder was coming to Mount Snow, Vermont he immediately hopped on the opportunity to complete the course in honor of his sister.  Before he knew it, he had a 7 man/woman team to run to course as Team JEHH.

Team JEHH, May 2011

Team JEHH had a 10 AM start time and every one of them completed course with smiles on their face (that might be a false statement).  The first 3 boys came in at the 3 hours and 24 minutes mark, 2 more came in 7 minutes later and the last 2 were 5 minutes behind that.  So overall it was a successful day!  We met the team at every obstacle we could get to in a reasonable time (remind you, this even was located through the slopes of mount snow).  We cheered loud and proud for everyone.  It was so much fun to watch men and woman, young and old running the course.

Please enjoy some of the photos below.  I am not photographer but I was able to capture some pretty cool shots!

Liz, Kelly & I cheering on our husbands

Jon on "Greased Lightening"

Adam & Kate after "Boa Constrictor"

Kevin on "Funky Monkey"

"Are you going to make it? We're supposed to be getting married in 2 weeks!"

What kind of basketball fan are you?

23 Mar


A fellow basketwife of mine from Traveling Allowed wrote a funny piece called “What kind of basketball fan are you?”  Check it out!

As I read the following categories I started laughing out loud because I’ve met at least one wife that could fit into every category.  As for myself, I had to go back and read them twice before I could make my decision.  First and foremost I am The Knowledgeable Wife.  I’ve played and watched basketball my entire life.  I don’t want to sound full of myself but I really know the game (just ask my husband who always asks for my analysis of the game once it’s over – ha). But along with The Knowledgeable Wife I am guilty of being The Critic as well.  Anyone how has seen European basketball knows that 80% of referees are absolutely horrible (was that too harsh?).  Bad calls both ways, bad calls one way, making up calls after the messed up the last call, etc., it never ends.  And I am the first to call Adam out when he needs a little boost or wake up call.  To top it off, I love to give the referees my two cents; never in a rude way but you will most certainly hear me yell, “I am sorry Sir, but that was an AWFUL call.”

So to all my basketwives/girlfriends/fiancees what type of basketball fan are you?

Divorce in Professional Athletics by Erin Crispin

18 Mar

>Once again Erin has blown my mind with a fabulous series of posts titled, “Divorce in Professional Athletics.”  It is a topic that many people who are not married to professional athletes have questions about.   And on the flip side I have met many wives along my journey that are constantly worried about what their husbands are doing while on the road.  Please take a look at her recent series to get some insight on how some basketwives and their husbands keep their marriage strong!