Incredibles Costume Tutorial

2 Nov

Making Halloween costumes is one of my favorite traditions I look forward to every year.  I have to admit I always wait until the last minute (I was making our masks 20 minutes before we left the house this year) but I really do enjoy it.  Anyone can make a family of Incredibles in a few easy steps.  Check out how below!


Red and black leggings
Black socks or boots
Red t-shirts
Black turtlenecks
Black underwear/bathing suit bottoms
Yellow duct tape
Black, orange & yellow felt
Black elastic
Black foam sheets

For the tops:

Print out an Incredible decal.

Trace the decal onto your black felt and cut out shape.  Next cut out the orange sides, trace on to orange felt and cut out.  Lastly, cut out the yellow “i” and trace onto yellow felt and cut out.  Place all pieces together and attach with hot glue.  If you were very ambitious, you could sew them on.

Take your red t-shirts and attach the decal with either hot glue or again you can sew it on.  Our t-shirts, which I purchased at Michael’s for $2.00 each, were a little big so I sewed them to be extra tight.  We all wore black turtle necks underneath our shirts.

For the bottoms:

I purchased everyone red leggings.  Let’s be real, who has red leggings in the closet?  Not us.  I bought the kids ones at H&M and the adult ones in some random store in our mall.  We all wore black leggings underneath our red ones to create the right look.  Believe it or not, we do all own black leggings!  I wore tall black boots and the boys wore black socks and black shoes.

For the underwear, Adam and I wore bathing suit bottoms and Jayden wore an old pair of leggings that I cut the same size as a pair of his underwear.  He felt more comfortable when I told him they were leggings cut up instead of underwear.

For the belt I had purchased enough orange felt to sew on to our underwear but time was tight so I decide to buy yellow duct tape (they were all out of orange duct tape at A.C. Moore).  I measured our waists and cut two pieces of duct tape to length.  Then I stuck the two pieces together and attached with another piece of duct tape in the back.  I was a little skeptical how it would look but it took a fraction of the time and looked just fine.

For the masks:

I used a template I found online to make our masks.  I traced the template onto black foam sheets and then again on black felt.  I made two small holes and threaded enough elastic through to fit everyone.  Then I hot glued the black felt on top of the foam to hid the elastic and to create a thicker look.

I think that covers it!  I told you it was easy.  If you have any questions, please ask!  I am really not that crafty but I can follow directions very well!

8 Responses to “Incredibles Costume Tutorial”

  1. Pam Voltin November 1, 2013 at 12:51 AM #

    Thanks for this tutorial! We loved our Incredibles costumes this year and got lots of positive responses! So fun!

  2. optimisticgladness February 1, 2014 at 1:52 PM #

    Love this! What a great idea. I was searching around for a printable incredibles logo and stumbled upon your post. Thank you!

  3. Grainnegrainne rogers February 17, 2014 at 11:02 AM #

    Hi I just came across your site. I have a personal blog also and just posted about our family dressing up as The Incredibles as well, it was so much fun! Here’s my post: I thought it would be a fun idea at the end of the post to include pics of other families (with their permission of course) who’ve dressed as same. Would you be OK with that? I am happy to link back to your site. I look forward to hearing from you, Grainne x

  4. Erica September 19, 2014 at 11:10 PM #

    I love this!!! Where did you find the red tights especially for the men?

    • Kearstin Harrington September 23, 2014 at 11:49 PM #

      I actually found them at a Kiosk at the mall. They were unisex so my husband and I were wearing the same size (against his liking)!


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