2 Nov

If you recall I have a love/dislike relationship with Halloween.  My feelings are still the same but I was excited when Jayden decided he wanted to be Dash 2+ months in advance.  Let’s be honest, an entire family of Incredibles is a little more difficult to put together than a few Pirates.

Jack-Jack and Minnie Mouse

I searched online for The Incredibles costumes.  They were plenty online that ranged from $15-$40.  The problem is Jayden and Adam are tall and thin, therefore they wouldn’t have fit properly.  So it was off to the mall and craft store to see what I could put together.  About $32.00 later we had 1 Mr Incredibles, 1 Elastigirl, 1 Dash and 1 Jack-Jack.

Mr. Incredible

Items Purchased
Black Felt – $1.45
Orange Felt – $.58
Yellow Felt – $.29
Black Foam Craze – $.49
Elastic – $1.49
2 Adult Red Leggings – $7.50
2 Kids Leggings – $8.00
3 Red T-Shirts – $6.00
1 Onesie- $4.00
Yellow Duct Tape – $1.97 (50% 0ff)

Total $31.77


I wanted to stay under $25.00 for all 4 costumes but I couldn’t find any leggings cheap enough.  I am happy with the way the costumes turned out and we all had so much fun playing the role of a superhero!

Want to see how I made each costume?  Check it out here!


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