The Fireplace Remodel: Part 1

26 Jan

I mentioned last week that we are currently making some changes to our house.  So to give you a glance at what is going on, here are a few photos of the fireplace.  Please note that myself nor my husband are very “handy.”  I try to act like I am since my Dad and brother build homes for a living but truth be told I am a better project manager (managing people while their working – ha)!

The Beginning

This is what the fireplace looked like before we did anything to the house.  Lovely, eh?

The Demo

That same day my dear husband decided he wanted to see what was underneath the wood paneling so he began to dismantle the paneling 20 minutes before he had to leave to train.

The Middle

Where did the mantel go?  Well funny you ask.  While Adam was “demo-ing” his big muscles literally ripped the fireplace off the wall so we had to replace about 6 layers of brick.  Apparently the fireplace was poorly built so it turned out to be a good thing!

We are currently waiting to paint the back wall and for a piece of bluestone to come in to finish off the fireplace.  So for now, there is no end result but stay tuned, hopefully we will be up and running this week!


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