Two on Tuesday

25 Jan

…on Wednesday!  Surprise, surprise.  I am late posting again!

This week has been absolutely nuts.  From remodeling, decorating, cleaning and organizing, my mind has been racing.  It’s all fun though (minus the removal of wallpaper) and I am extremely thankful!

Two things I’ve learned this week are:

1. Getting fun mail, is fun for everyone.  My brother had some scratch tickets he received as gifts at Christmas that are only valid in Massachusetts so he sent them to Jayden with a little note.  Jayden was smiling from ear to ear.  He is going to cash them in on Friday and head to “Target” to get something for his new room.  How exciting!

2. Not all 4/5 year olds know about the NBA and Dirk Nowitzki.  Maybe it’s the way Jayden has been brought up or maybe it’s the fact that he loves basketball but I realized this week that is it very uncommon for a young child to love professional sports so much.  Jayden has watched more professional basketball games in his life than most will ever see.  Today when Jayden brought in some photos to share with his classmates he was so excited and showing all of his friends.  Not one of them had ANY idea who Dirk was and what was so special about the picture.  Thankfully his teachers were excited for him – HA!


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