Throw Pillow Markover

11 Jan

I don’t want to sound like I am tooting my own horn but I am going to be honest; I think I am good at a lot of things.  For example, according to my husband I am a good cook but I totally admit I am not a great cook.  I believe God blessed me with many things I am good at but not a few particular things I am great at.  Another example would be that my husband is a phenomenal basketball players and I am just a good basketball player (yes, I’ve beat him in P.I.G. before – ha)!

Anyways, I’v had many dreams of being super creative when it comes to decorating our home, turning old pieces of furniture into new ones and re-doing certain items that just look old or out dated.  But the truth is, the creative genes never made it to my body.  I am just not that creative and I am totally fine with that.  Although I may not be that creative I have still found a way (slowly but surely) to do what I want to do in a “not-so-creative-way.”  Think of it as DYI for The Non-Creative Type!

So what was my first project?  Recovering our throw pillows for the couch.  These pillows have seen better days.  The colors don’t fit our living room nor our couch and the material is miserable.  So I went to pick out some fabric and had no luck.  I ventured over to J.C. Penny is hopes to find some new curtains and found a 50” X 84” beauty for only $2.97.  The problem, they only had 1.  But just then light bulb went off.  I decided to purchase the curtain and use it as fabric for my pillows.  When I brought it home I thought to myself, “What am I doing?  I don’t even know how to sew?”  Well I taught myself how to thread the bobbin and needle with the help of YouTube and read a tutorial on how to make an envelope pillow pocket and started cutting, pinning and sewing.  A few laughs and a couple hours later I had 3 brand new throw pillows!  I even surprised myself on how cute they look.

So for my first remodeled project, here are my beautiful (not so perfectly even) throw pillows!


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