The Pregnancy… Thus Far

5 Jan

I have yet to blog about my pregnancy but I guess you can say it’s been kinda uneventful (which is a great thing, if you ask me)!  If there was one thing I would tell mothers of 1 it is to not expect pregnancy #2 to be anything like pregnancy #1.  I feel the exactly opposite this time than when I was pregnant with Jayden.  With Jayden I was ill (morning sickness, vomiting, etc.,) just about the entire time and I’ve experienced little to no sickness but major body aches and pains.  Our bodies amaze me.

Here are some random pregnancy questions answered…

When did you find out?  I found out in the middle of July.  At first I thought the heat and 3 straight weeks of basketball camp was tiring me out but come to find it it was a little more than that.

How far along were you?  I was a little over 8 weeks when we first found out.

How far along are you now?  33 weeks and counting!

Due Date: 2/22/12

Did you have any morning sickness?  As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t experience the same amount of morning sickness as I did with Jayden.  It was clock work with him, I knew when I was going to get sick.  I did get sick a few times but nothing too bad.

Have you had any weird cravings?  In the beginning, all I wanted was juicy fruits and now any type of cheese and milkshakes.  I went from eating healthy to not wanting anything healthy.  Boo!

Do you want a boy or girl?  Believe it or not, I always said I wanted 2 boys and then a girl.  But right now, all I pray for is a healthy baby!

Do you have any names picked out?  We honestly have not decided on anything.  It will be what my husband says, “a game time decision.”  However, according to Jayden if it is a boy his name will be Dirk Rondo Harrington.

How much weight have you gained?  TMI!  I gained 63 lbs with Jayden so I am trying to keep it under 50 lbs this time around.  So far I am on track!

How long have you been in maternity clothes for?  Believe it or now, I can still wear some of my non-maternity shirts (the longer style ones, of course).  However, not so much in the pants department.  Thank God for leggings and jeggings!

Anything different from your previous pregnancy/pregnancies?  I mentioned some of this in my introduction but another thing Adam and I both have noticed is how fast this pregnancy is going by.  I honestly feel like we just found out I was pregnant.  I guess that’s what happens when you have another little one to care for!

How random were some of these questions?  Super random but I hope you enjoyed them.  I would upload a belly picture but I wouldn’t want to scare anyone!  For now, if you have any name suggestions please send them to me.  I’d love to read them!


One Response to “The Pregnancy… Thus Far”

  1. as January 5, 2012 at 10:40 AM #

    i’ve always wanted a boy named Syrus Max. 🙂 cant decide on the spelling though. (Cirys? Cirus? Sirys?)

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