Keepin’ It Real: The Hair

11 Dec

If we’re going to Keep It Real I should tell you that I absolutely loved Jayden’s long hair.  I might have been the only one who didn’t want him to get his hair cut.  After a weeks worth of non-stop battle, I decided to shut my mouth and just let Adam and Jayden do what they wanted.  Deep down inside I was crushed.  Why?  It’s just hair, right?  Well it just so happened that the same week Jayden looked right into my eyes and in the sweetest tone said to me, “Momma, I am not your baby anymore.  You have another baby in your belly.”  My heart was heavy and I tried to explain to him that he’ll always be my baby but that went right over his head.  So sure enough, Adam and Jayden headed to the barber.

The Before

The Middle

The After

I should’ve mentally prepared myself since my emotions are already riding a roller coaster but when I walked in to see Jayden my biggest fear came true; he looks like he is 6 years old!  My 4 year old baby isn’t a baby anymore (insert tear)!  He loves his haircut and every morning I have to give him a faux hawk just like his Daddy.  I think he is happy he doesn’t have to push his hair to the sides anymore but I still liked the long hair better!


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