Keepin’ It Real

5 Dec

As Martin Luther once said, “How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never.'”

I procrastinate.  A lot.  It is a awful habit that I have learned from my dear mother (who happens to be a bigger procrastinator than myself).  For example, I have 2 forms I need to fill out and return by mail on our desk for a solid 2 months now.  One of them was supposed to be returned 2 weeks ago and even though I knew that I still continued to let it sit there.  Why?  No idea, I simply didn’t feel like taking the time to fill it out or I always found something more important to do.

The biggest problem with my procrastination is my husband is the exact opposite (90% of the time).  If he says he is going to do something or has something to do he will get it done immediately.  That sometimes even means being late to the dinner table because he HAD to make that last phone call.  Or if he says he was going to email someone and it’s 10 PM and he is tired, he will hold going off to bed just to send that last email.  Unlike myself who would’ve waited until the morning.

Anyone else out there with me?  I found these 7  Steps to Stop Procrastination to help me when I find myself procrastinating:

1. Stop thinking.  Start doing.

2. Don’t blow a task out of proportion.

3. Just take the first step.

4. Start with the hardest task of your day.

5. Just make a decision.  Any decision.

6. Face your fear.

7. Finish it.

We all procrastinate at one point or another (some of us do it more often than not) so don’t feel like your alone.  If you get stuck, remember these 7 step!


One Response to “Keepin’ It Real”

  1. Erin December 6, 2011 at 1:15 AM #

    I think I am more like Adam (although once it is bed time, nothing stands between me and sleep!) and Joe is definitely the procrastinator. It does make for some interesting collaborations 😉

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