Black Friday 2011 (and jokes?)

29 Nov

Everyone knows I love a good deal so every year when Black Friday rolls around I get so excited for another early morning and a day full of shopping.  This year my Mom, my Sister-In-Law and myself headed to Walmart around 3:30AM and by 10:30AM we were eating bagels, talking about our deals and enjoying the company all the while happy we were able to get everything on our lists (I didn’t even have anything I was looking for I just went for the fun)!

I normally wouldn’t write about Black Friday, however, someone had decided to play a little joke on me and I am determined to find out who did it.  Please look at the photo below…

Someone decided to send me a card on Black Friday that was from the “Walton Family.”  Don’t know who the Walton family is?  Google them.  They’re kinda a big deal in terms of large retailers.  Anyone recognize the handwriting?  Whoever sent the card did give all of us a good laugh so thanks!


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