Let’s Keep it Real

16 Nov

Do you ever read blog posts, facebook statuses or tweets and think “Gosh, that must be too good to be true?”  Can everyday really be so orderly?  Starting out with a healthy breakfast being served to perfectly behaved children who got dressed, brushed their teeth and went to the bathroom before coming to the table and before you even had to ask them.  Or having dinner prepared and ready at 5:30 PM with all the fixings, napkins on their laps and the blessing being said without having to remind your child that there are no toys at the dinner table, we use our utensils and we do not wipe our mouths on our shirts that’s what napkins are for.  Let’s not forget the entire day in between where our husbands were pouring compliments on us, did the dishes and laundry and even made the bed.  And our kids were playing so kindly and had lollipops after lunch because they were perfect all afternoon.  Now on to bed time, when 8 PM rolls around and the kids are showered and dressed in perfectly pressed pajamas, laying in their beds with their bible and patiently waiting for us to tuck them in.  As soon as your shut the light off and close the door you don’t hear from them again until 8 AM the next morning.  What?  This isn’t what a day looks like in your house?

Well, it’s time to be honest.  This is NOT what a day looks like in our house.  In fact, I usually have to remind Jayden 3 times to go to the bathroom in the morning, breakfast consists of toast with a yogurt and fruit, playtime, when he doesn’t have school, consists of me telling him 1000 times that balls are made for outdoor activities even though he insists that basketball is played indoors, nap time starts off with again me telling him to use the bathroom and usually finishes with one of us having to wake him up which is always fun.  Then comes the time after his nap and before dinner when he asks for at least 4 snacks because “his belly is telling him he’s hungry” and I have to say that silly phrase, “no.”  When dinner is served the first question is, “Do I have to eat all of this?” and the answer is always yes.  After some more playtime comes bath time when I am always reminded that he doesn’t take baths anymore, he showers like Daddy.  During the shower I always end up with a puddle of water on the floor which according to Jayden, “He is no idea how that could’ve got there.  Maybe there’s a whole in my curtain.”  And then 8:15 PM rolls around and the bedtime routine starts: he needs to go to the bathroom, again, needs a drink and we always need to pray.  His prayers range from 20 seconds to 10 minutes depending on how long he is trying to stall.  What?  Your child doesn’t stall at night?  I shut off the lights and say good-night only to hear “Momma” 10 seconds later, right after I sat down for the first time in hours, to go in and say, “Yes, Jayden, it’s nunights.  Can I help you with something?”  And every time he says the same thing, “Yes Momma, I just wanted to see what we were going to have for breakfast” or “I just wanted to tell you I love you!”

So what’s the point of all my rambling.  At time point on blog posts, facebook statuses and tweets we have to keep it real.  So once a week, I will be writing at least one “Keeping it Real” post.  I am a sinner saved by Grace, my marbles are not all in the right basket, I love my husband but our marriage is something we work at everyday and I am a young Mother learning as I go. However, I am beyond grateful I am to not doing this alone, thank you Jesus!

Tomorrow I will share with you my first “Keeping it Real” post.


One Response to “Let’s Keep it Real”

  1. Anitha November 16, 2011 at 12:58 PM #

    Very interesting..Very real..People shows their perfectionism or just pretending. But the truth is there is nothing called “perfect” in this world. Good post… Keep posting..

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