Halloween 2011

3 Nov

October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011 is one for the memory books.  It all started Saturday night when we were enjoying some adult conversation with our neighbors and the power flicked on, flicked off, flicked on and then seconds later the power was gone.  Due to the wet, heavy snow and the amount of leaves still on the trees, tree limbs had fallen all over the place.  Huge trees had taken out power lines every where from Massachusetts to New Jersey.  It was a tragic sight to say the least.  Sunday morning we headed outside to play in the snow then packed up our bags and headed to my Mother’s house for heat, hot water and some food.

October 31, 2011

Halloween morning came and there were hundreds of thousands without power.  The town officials from almost all the surrounding towns cancelled or postponed Halloween.  Boo!  We tried not to let mother nature ruined our Halloween spirit so when Monday night came, we put our family costumes on and headed to the local businesses that were open to do some trick or treating.  Jayden had a blast!  Him and Adam really got into their roles as pirates and we all enjoyed seeing the other costumes (personally, the homemade costumes are my favorite)!  Although we didn’t go to nearly as many houses as we would’ve if we hadn’t been hit by a nor’easter we still had a great time.  Besides, the last thing the Harrington house needs is a bag full of candy!

Tomorrow I will talk about how I made our costumes.  Stay tuned!


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