Pumpkin Festival 2011

26 Oct

Our Family Pumpkin 2011

Please tell me I am not the only one that has a great idea and then come to realize I didn’t even like the idea to begin with.  For example, every time we have a fire I always buy stuff to make s’mores yet no one in our family even likes s’mores.  Or like the other night when I bought some pumpkins to carve for our local Pumpkin Festival and I don’t even like to carve pumpkins but it was a great idea, right?  Well we ended up carving one anyways (only because I couldn’t be the buzz kill of Jayden’s excitement).

Our local Pumpkin Festival featured everything but pumpkins this year.  I am not sure why there were so little pumpkins but the atmosphere was still fun.  Jayden enjoyed looking at the few pumpkins there were and listening to some music.  At the end of the night we went to take our pumpkin home and one of the judges had placed a “Best In Show” ribbon on ours (I think the judge saw us coming and wanted to make a 4 year old boy feel really special – ha)!  Hopefully next year there will be a lot more pumpkins to see!



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