Too much of something special.

29 Sep

How special is your wedding day? It only happens once!

Have you ever done something special so many times that it kinda loses it’s “special” factor?  If so, that probably means you are doing it too often and/or taking it for granted.

I first noticed this happening when we started to do too many “special” things with Jayden.  That sounds bad, doesn’t it?  Let me explain, mini-golfing, bowling, movies, going out for ice-cream, picking out a redbox, purchasing a new toy, having sleepovers, etc., are considered “special” things to do in our household.  In other words, the don’t happen everyday.  Over the summer I noticed that the more things we did the less thankful Jayden became.  It was almost as if our “special” things were not special anymore.

To try and put this into an adult perspective imagine one of your favorite things to do that you don’t do very often because of one reason or another.  Now picture doing it 4-5 times a week.  After about a month or so I can almost guarantee that your once favorite thing to do is now something you just like to do.  I absolutely love to shop.  Buy things?  Nope.  But I could go to the mall, an outlet center or a small European street and walk around for hours checking out the shops (my husband finds this so odd and can’t stand it).  I probably do this maybe once or twice a month.  If I did this everyday, it would get so old so fast.  In fact, as much as I enjoy it I wouldn’t even want to do it once or twice a week.

You will hear many married men and women with children talk about how important and special date night is.  Just think about why it is so special to you and it’s easy to understand what I mean when I say too much of a special thing leads to the disappearance of the “special” factor!

What is something special you and your family do together?  Remember why it is special and continue to make it special so it doesn’t get taken for granted!




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