Daddy Daycare

27 Sep

If you follow my husband on Twitter you would’ve been bombarded with multiple tweets in a row when he was on a #DaddyDaycare kick.  I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh again.  Here were some of his tweets:

We watch Power Rangers when Mommy is working #DaddyDaycare

We are going to dress ourselves in whatever our hearts desire.  Cut off shirt, basketball shorts & rainboots.  #Daddydaycare

We turn our iPhones on silent to avoid the beeping of 1,000 texts from Mommy during the day.  Ummm, we got this Mom.  #Daddydaycare

Naps are shorter.  Workouts are longer.  Back to the gym we go!  #Daddydaycare

When I arrived at the gym later that day, Jayden had a sleeveless shirt on that read, “Defeat is NOT an option,” Nike basketball shorts that were too small and his fireman rain boots.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  But then I saw the size of the smile on Jayden’s face and I knew that he had an awesome day hanging with Dad.  Would I rather him watch Sid the Science Kid instead of Power Rangers?  Of course.  Would I rather him be wearing a matching outfit, fit for the occasion?  Most definitely.  Would I have like Jayden to get his full time in and not be woken up?  You know it!  But I shook it off and realized that the quality time him and Adam spent together that day was more important than anything listed above!


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