A Day In The Life Of Jennifer!

13 Aug

To end my series of “A Day In The Life Of…” I decided to needed to interview someone who doesn’t have any children.  For the past month I’ve introduced you to a family with 2 working parents and 1 child, a family with 2 working parents and 2 children, a family with 1 working parent and 3 children and a family with 1 working parents and 4 children.  A should immediately write a disclaimed when I use the word “working” because as all of us mothers know it isn’t like we’re sipping on lemonade and getting pedicures while our husbands are hard at work (in fact, according to salary.com if a stay-at-home mother was paid for her “job” we would bring it just under $140,00)!

With that being said, I’d love to introduce you to Jennifer.  Jennifer is currently living in Oberhausen, Germany (any basketwives playing in Dusseldorf she is a great connection!) with her husband Kay.  However, Kay is currently living in Turkey because of his job as a pilot.  Confused yet?  To sum it up, American girl meets German boy, fall in love, move to Germany, get married, girl goes to school, learns German and gets job, boy finishes school and gets job as a pilot and both are currently working and loving life with their newest addition, Binx, the cat!

Name: Jennifer

Occupation: C&A Associate

Jen’s Day

7:20 AM – Wake up to a furry face biting at my nose. Although I have my alarm set for 7:30 am he always seems to wake me up 10 min before, yes that would be my cat Binx. I roll over turn off my alarm and get out of bed. First things first I make a pot of coffee. I can not function with out my morning coffee.
I then prepare my lunch for work which consists of a Turkey & Cheese sandwich, banana, and yoghurt.

8:00 AM – I sit down at my computer check emails, facebook, ect., before jumping in the shower to get ready for work.

9:00 AM – I am finished with getting ready and have just enough time to stuff my face real quick with breakfast so that I am able to catch my 9:34 am train to work.

10:10 AM – I arrive at work about 45 min early. Grab a coffee and get my things ready to start my day at C&A (a retail store located in Düsseldorf, Germany)

11 AM – My day starts…… I am decorating certain areas of the store, putting out new clothing programs, making sure all sale items are up to par, and last but not least interacting with customers throughout the day.

2.30 PM – I take my first break which is about 40 min long. We get 1 hour each day. I sit down in the breakroom eat and then I head outside to get some fresh air and before I know it its time to go back to work….

5 PM – I take my second break which is 20 min long and it always goes by too fast!

8 PM – Finally time to go home!!! I run fast to catch my Sbahn (a small train) to the train station so I am able to catch an early train home.

9 PM – I am home and my little Binx is greeting me at the door. I put my things down, clean his litter box, clean up the kitchen from my morning breakfast, and then I prepare dinner. Usually skype with my husband if he is not out flying around.

10 PM – Finally time to relax w/ my E-Reader & a cup of hot mint tea.

11 PM – Bed time…..only to do it all over again the next morning.

How would your day differ if you had a child/children?  How my day would differ is that I probably would not be working. I would then be a stay at home mom. This is a subject my husband and I have already talked about if we ever plan on having children. My husband is a Pilot as you know this is no normal 9 to 5 job, he is often gone. It would be rather difficult for me to have a job and be, I guess you could say a “part time” single parent at the same time. With my work hours now I am often gone 12 hours out of the day. With children I would have to make sure someone was able to pick them up and bring them wherever they needed to be, as well as watch them and take care of them until I come home. That being on the days my husband is not home to help out.


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