A Day In The Life Of Erin… plus 4!

21 Jul

If you’ve been following my latest series you’ve met Maria, Leigh and Ace.  All wonderful friends, women and Mothers!  It is now my honor to introduce you to Erin.  I met Erin about 3 years ago via the internet.  We are both part of the same group on facebook.  I casually wrote an email to Erin admiring her for her faith and her adorable children.  Since then we’ve emailed back and forth weekly until about a month ago when we finally got the chance to meet in person.  Like I had imagined, it felt like I had known Erin for years and it helped our husbands and kids hit it off as well.  I am forever thankful for Erin’s advice, support and encouragement on life, faith, parenting.

With that being said, take a look at what a day is like as a stay-at-home Mom with 4 kids!

Name: Erin

Children: Abby – 7, Elijah – 5, Naomi – 3, Isaiah – 13 months

Occupation: Homemaker

Best Advice for a New Mom:  It is really tough to think of just one piece of advice, but if I had to give one it would be: be purposeful about your life.

It is easy as a new mom to just enter into “survival mode”because that is often what we need to do.  But if you can sit down before baby is born and really spend some time thinking about what is important to you.  For me, the best decision I ever made before my oldest was born was to decide I would get up before the rest of the family and read my Bible and pray.  It might have only been for 5 minutes when each of our babies were very little, but it was a great habit to establish for me.  That time to center myself was a priority to me, but had I not been purposeful about putting it in my day it would have been a lot harder to implement it.  Little habits can make a big difference in your life.  Maybe you want to have the habit of going out with your husband once a week or meeting your friend for coffee each Tuesday morning.  Time flies by quickly as a mom, so be purposeful about your priorities for this season of life and scheduling them into your life.  As my husband Joe reminds (www.joecrispin.com) me: “start as you mean to go”.  In entering any new season of life be purposeful about how you want “to go” int hat season of life.
Erin’s Day (I copied this right from her blog but the best part about it was she said this was a “much more relaxed day”)

2:33am: Abby awake with wet bed, soaked through all sheets
More of the bed wetting scenario here, but not a topic for now. Anyway, I got up, stripped the two sets of sheets she went through, put another sheet down and fell back in bed.

6:12am: Wake up
I knew as soon as I opened my eyes that it was much to bright and that I had overslept! The alarm was clearly not loud enough because I had slept through it. This happens at times and I make sure the ringer is up on my cell phone alarm for the next morning.

6:15am: Get dressed, make bed
This was a morning where exercise and a shower weren’t going to happen. I don’t find this a huge deal, although I used to let it ruin my day!

6:22am: Time with the Lord

6:40am: Isaiah and Elijah awake, Isaiah fed, Elijah sent back to bed, fold clothes
This morning I sent Elijah back to bed while I fed Isaiah and got some more Bible reading time in on the Kindle. Then I folded the clothes that were still in the dryer from the day before.

7am: Elijah comes out again
Elijah came out to check again if it was time for him to get up (mental note: need to get a clock for his room) and Elijah got dressed and made his bed while I got Isaiah dressed.  I also finally decided it was time to break out the cloth diapers.  I had been giving myself a break while I got settled in at home, but it was time to resume or I would just go all summer without using them!

7:10am: Wake girls up, start laundry, kids put away clothes
Then we got Abby and Naomi up. Elijah had dressed in his bathing suit because he remembered I said if it was sunny on Thursday morning they could play with the water squirters after Abby was done with her school work. So both girls made their beds, put away their clothes and got their swimsuits on while I started a load of laundry (wet sheets needed washed!)

7:31am: Downstairs, dishwasher emptied, breakfast ready
I was going to go with cereal and eggs for the morning, but there weren’t enough eggs and since Abby and Elijah had already started to gt their cereal bowels ready, we just went with cereal and fruit.

7:51am: Eat breakfast, bless kids

8:07am: Clean Up breakfast, Abby’s school ready
After loading dishes, wiping tables, and sweeping up, I sat down at the computer downstairs to check over Abby’s school for the day and turn in assignments from the day before. Then I got her set up with her first work of the day.

8:22am: Facetime with Joe

8:35am: Check Abby’s school work

8:52am: Isaiah upstairs for nap, change diaper, cuddle, rock, laundry in dryer, second load of laundry in washer

9:08am: Check Abby’s school work and computer time
After making sure Abby was moving along on her school work, I added events into my calendar that were sitting on my desk, responded to blog comments, responded to my husband’s “blowing up” of my e-mail (just kidding Joe!), and we made a video for Naomi’s friend for her birthday.

10am: Snack time
I also had a phone call with Abby’s teacher at this time. I pulled the dining room chairs out to the deck while I talked to Abby’s teacher and had the kids finish their chores once they finished their snacks. Then I scrubbed down the dining room chairs out on the deck.

10:30am: Outside Time
We then headed outside so the kids could run around in their swim suits and squirt each other. I took pictures for awhile while.  After about 15 minutes, I put sunscreen on them as well.  From what I have been reading, I am now giving them some time to get a little vitamin D before I put the sunscreen on.  Then I sat and read 2 chapters of a book while they played.

11:15am: Upstairs to check on things
Isaiah was still sleeping (I let him go a little longer after the day he had on Wednesday), so I pulled the clean sheets out of the dryer and quickly made Abby’s bed, checked on the kids outside and put the wet load in the dryer.

11:25am: Isaiah awake, make lunch
Then I woke Isaiah up and took him downstairs and put him in his highchair while I made lunch. The kids were playing right outside the kitchen, which is one of the nice things about our house (I can easily fix a meal and watch them when they are out back)

11:38am: Lunch
The older three wanted to eat their lunch outside, so they sat out back and I sat down with Isaiah to eat. Once I was finished, I brought the dining room chairs inside. Then after the kids finished eating, we spent our family worship time outside in the grass.

12pm: More Outside Time
The kids now wanted to “wash” the car with the squirters. Although it mean them shooting water on a relatively clean car and actually making it look worse, they had a blast doing it. So Isaiah and I sat in the grass and watched them. Since he was only outside for 20 minutes, I didn’t do any sunscreen.

12:20pm: Inside, dried off and clothes changed

12:30pm: Read books

1pm: Isaiah down for nap, Abby and Elijah start quiet time
We have Abby and Elijah do a “quiet time” each day even though they are done with their naps. This is just basically a time of 30-40 minutes where they sit and look at/read books.

1:15pm: Naomi down for nap

1:20pm: Wipe down bathrooms with Eco-Me kit
I am not a huge cleaner. I try to keep things decent, but honestly, I am more of an “upkeep” cleaner (just try not to let things get really bad in other words) than a deep cleaner. The Eco-Me kit I got from Maria as a prize from her blog is a great way to just keep things on the surface clean quickly.

1:35pm: Computer time
I used the time to upload pictures, update the family blog, and send my parents directions to Saturday’s t-ball game they were coming to (this took longer than normal because the computer and/or internet was moving a bit slowly).

2:45pm: Watch stats of Joe’s game
Joe had his first playoff game, so I turned on the stats of the game and checked Facebook and Twitter while I checked out what was going on in the game.

3pm: Isaiah awake and Snack time
I got Isaiah up from his nap and got everyone a snack and then we went down to the basement to play so I could keep checking in on Joe’s game for a bit.

3:40pm: Ready for gymnastics
Elijah was already in shorts and a t-shirt, so Abby and Naomi got in their leotards and we got water bottles ready.

3:47pm: Leave for gymnastics

3:52pm: Arrive at gymnastics
This was the last week of the end of the fall session of gymnastics classes for the kids, but this Thursday slot time was great because Abby had class at the same time as Elijah and Naomi’s class.

3:57pm: Abby to class

4:12pm: Elijah and Naomi to class

4:16pm: Go for walk with Isaiah
Since I missed my morning workout, I used Elijah and Naomi’s 45 minute class as a time to take Isaiah for a walk. I hardly ever get to take walks with Isaiah (or even when Naomi was a baby for that matter). It was something I enjoyed so much when Abby and Elijah were babies. And the weather was gorgeous this day and I got to just look at the beautiful mountains and smell the fresh air. it was a wonderful time of thankfulness.

4:52pm: Back from walk with Isaiah

5pm: Elijah and Naomi done with class
Abby’s class runs 30 minutes longer (15 minutes on each end), so while we waited for Abby, we read a few books.

5:15pm: Abby done with class

5:21pm: Leave gymnastics

5:26pm: Arrive home, start dinner, feed Isaiah
I am going to do a post more on my cooking, but as you can see, breakfast and lunch is pretty simple. And when Joe is not with us, even dinner is very basic. This night it was California black bean burgers, clementines and sweet peppers.

5:45pm: Isaiah up to bed

6:03pm: Eat dinner

6:32pm: Clean up dinner, run dishwasher

6:38pm: Facetime with Joe
We caught up quickly and got to congratulate him on the win.

7:05pm: Clean up basement, run Roomba in the basement, pajamas on

7:29pm: Reading Time

8:02pm: Snack time
While the kids ate their snack, I emptied the dishwasher, set out dishes and vitamins for breakfast and set up the Scooba to clean the kitchen floor.

8:19pm: Girls in bed

8:21pm: Elijah in bed

8:22pm: Down to the basement to return a few e-mails

8:38pm: Have to go up and tell Naomi to be quiet after Abby’s complaints

8:40pm: Back down to finish Elijah’s birthday update ( a few weeks late) and a family blog post

9:35pm: Clean out Scooba and set it back in its charger and set up rice cooker for oatmeal in the morning

9:50pm: Brush teeth, wash face

10pm: Lights out

Tired yet?  And did I mention her husband was across the pond still playing basketball?  One of things I admire most about Erin is that she sticks to a schedule and she always fits time in for the Lord in the morning.  Erin recorded a couple more of her days here, check out what life is like with 4 children and a husband across the pond (at the time)!


3 Responses to “A Day In The Life Of Erin… plus 4!”

  1. Erin July 21, 2011 at 5:32 PM #

    Thanks for giving me the chance to do this, Kear! I have enjoyed reading about the other ladies too 🙂

  2. Maria July 22, 2011 at 10:32 AM #

    Fun! And great tip, Erin, about being purposeful.


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