All My Single Ladies

9 Jul

My friend, Erin, tweeted a post from a blog titled See Preston Blog that really caught my eye this morning.  As many of my friends and I are in different stages in our lives, the dating scene is obviously non-existent in my life but a big part of their theirs.  With that being said, the author of this points out that men (or boys) need to treat women with the respect their deserve having been created in the image of God but continue to say that maybe the ladies could help out a little as well.  He writes:

“Dress like a woman who was designed, composed, thought up in the mind of God.  A woman who has a Father, even if the only good Father in her life is her Heavenly one.  Be beautiful by being faithful.  Challenge us as men to desire women of integrity by not settling for jerks’ teach us as men to long for a woman of purity by choosing not to compromise.  Stop acting like you think you’re supposed to, some silly, stupid, naive girl who is just eager to please.  Stop acting like you want to be a porn star.  A thing.  ”

How good is that?

My prayer for all my single ladies out there is to realize they are beautiful, beautiful women created by God who are worth pursing!


One Response to “All My Single Ladies”

  1. Adam Harrington July 9, 2011 at 1:12 PM #

    Hello! My son has moves! All the single christian 4 year olds out there, better get in line 😉

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