Deals of the Week

1 Jun

The last 2 weeks have probably been my best couponing weeks to date.  Here is my breakdown if I can remember everything:


37 Right Guard Deodorants

3 Right Guard Body Washes

Total: $0.00

(For 40 coupons I paid $1.75 so I guess my total is $1.75).


3 Wilkinson Sword Razors

Total: $-0.09

(I love when they give me money back)!

Stop & Shop

10 Boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta

4 Smart Waters

4 Lipton Ice Teas


(Stop & Shop doesn’t give money back so I used the $2.00 toward grapes and milk).

Rite Aid

7 Tylenol Precise (4 patches, 3 gels)

4 Aveeno Body Lotions

2 Aveeno Sunscreen (1 face, 1 body)

2 40 Count Dixie Paper Plates

1 Coopertone Baby Sunscreen

1 Goldfish To-Go (treat for Jayden)!

Total: $16.43 OOP

(I know, that’s a little high BUT I received 20 UP rewards and a 10% off entire purchase shopping pass to use on future purchases so you can also look at it like I made $3.57 off the deal)

Like I said, it has been a good couple weeks in the coupon world.  Call me crazy, but I’ve already put together 3 packages to donate and that’s what brings a smile to my face (and the fact Adam won’t be stinky anytime soon – ha)!



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