The Power of Music

28 Apr

Let me start off by saying that I am truly blessed.  Blessed beyond belief.  However, God never intended for me to be a singer.  I am absolutely tone deaf and I can’t sing for beans.  But I am totally fine with that because I still sing like I have the voice of Alicia Keys.

A couple months back I wrote a similar post about music.  I want to elaborate on how powerful I think music really is.  Often times people overlook the power of music because it is everywhere we turn.  Music is played in elevators, restaurants, in the doctors office and in the car.  Catchy tones are used in advertisements to capture your attention and most of the time companies succeed in doing so.

Music is not just a bunch of notes tied together but rather a language that is understood by people young and old.  Music can be used to create a response and effect your mood.  Singers and song writers use music as a means to express themselves and in turn their audience is effected as well.  Because there are so many different genres of music, the emotions one can feel while listening to music are endless.

In our family, we listen to all types of music.  Sometimes we break out into random dance parties while listening to Beyonce (Jayden can really bust a move to “Single Ladies”) and every now and then we throw in a Sister Hazel CD.  But the majority of the time at home or in the car we listen to contemporary Christian music, which is my absolutely favorite type of music.

The majority of the music we listen to is inspiring and good for the soul!  There is nothing better then waking up and turning on some amazing praise and worship music to start the day.  It warms my heart to know that although Jayden might not understand the lyrics he still memorizes them.  Want to know some of our favorite artists?  Take a look at my previous blog post that my friends Erin and Maria contributed to.


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