Twitter: Love or Hate? Continued…

28 Feb

>A few days ago I wrote about my feelings toward twitter.  I also concluded with tweets from “Cameron Newton.”  For starters, I will say that I was led to believe that @CarmeronNewton was the real Cam Newton from a fellow twitter friend.  Was the account verified?  No.  Which means I should’ve known better but I didn’t.  I was so caught off guard with the awful tweets I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

Later that day I was telling Adam about what I was reading and he said there was no way it could’ve been him.  Continuing on about how well manned he had always conducted himself in interviews, how he talked about his faith, etc.  I felt at that point that I probably had made a fool of myself since my information was not correct.  I felt the need to go home and change my post immediately.  However, then I received a very nice and informative email from a fellow reader.  He simply explained that twitter is very slow at “deleting” account from people who are imposing as someone else and regardless if it was Cam Newton or not, he also believed the tweets were still disrespectful and tasteless.

It is a big world wide web out there and my apologizes go out to anyone who has an impostor.  I was led to believe that someone who is in the spot light for his talents was a young man with no class or respect.  I will admit that I was quick to made a judgement and for that I prayed to God to forgive me.


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