Hillsong United: Aftermath

28 Feb


I was never a huge music person.  Yes, I love music.  I love to dance and I love to sing as if I am Alicia Keys (which is so far from reality).  However, it is safe to say that ever since I gave my life to Jesus and started listening to absolutely amazing, good for the soul praise and worship music I am completely in love with music.  There are certain songs that can seriously get into my soul and change my entire perspective of the day.  And most of these songs I am speaking of come from Hillsong United.  Ok I am be a bit bias but they are the most amazing band I’ve ever heard.  With that being said, I encourage you to go to iTunes and download their latest album Aftermath and check out some of their tour dates.

If any of my followers would like to add their favorite christian bands or music please do!  I’ll add them to this post!


4 Responses to “Hillsong United: Aftermath”

  1. Erin Crispin March 1, 2011 at 3:14 AM #

    >I will try to keep it to a short list here 🙂 Here are some of my favorite albums that get played over and over. A wide range of music types here:1. Steven Curtis Chapman- Not only a wonderful guy in person, but a great musician who has been making quality music for a long time. My favorite albums would have to be "Greatest Hits", "Declaration", "All About Love" and "Beauty Will Rise"2. Tenth Avenue North- "Over and Underneath" and "Light Meets the Dark"3. Nichole Nordeman- "Woven and Spun"4. Casting Crowns- "Casting Crowns" and "Lifesong"5. Cademon's Call: "In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship"6. Sovereign Grace Music: All 3 of their children's CD's are great, plus my favorites are "Sons & Daughters", "Upward: The Bob Kauflin Hymns Project", "The Valley of Vision" and "Worship God Live" Plus all are on sale right now for very cheap at http://www.sovereigngracestore.com/category.aspx?categoryID=57. Out of Eden: "Out of Eden: The Hits"8. Reilly: "Let June Decide"9. Matt Redman: "Ultimate Collection"10. Newsboys: "Adoration: The Worship Album"Ok, I kept it to 10 😉

  2. Maria March 1, 2011 at 3:00 PM #

    >Wow. I don't really listen to as much music these days unless it is while I am running. Your post reminded me just how much I like having music playing, so I need to get back to it and now I have great ideas on some new stuff to download. I think this is one reason I go through ruts– I don't take the time to see what is available, so I stop downloading new stuff and need a break from the old.Some of my favorites right now:Audrey AssadChris Tomlin "Arriving""Here I am to Worship" (It's a bunch of worship songs from various artists)Jennifer Knapp "Kansas" and "Letting Go" though I like her work in general Newsboys — OK, The Breakfast Song is something I could wake up to daily. I like their other work too, but I love the way this one makes me smile though I wouldn't necessarily call it worship. Lacrae And my favorite song of all: The Happy Song on "Here I Am to Worship" CD.

  3. Kearstin March 2, 2011 at 10:28 AM #

    >Thanks for your opinions ladies! Means a lot to me!Erin, My dad and I danced to "Cinderella" by Steven Chapman at our wedding! A beautiful song and amazing artist! Maria, Chris Tomlin is one of my favorites! His "Awakening" song gets me everytime!


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