Twitter: Love or Hate?

23 Feb

>I have talked about my love/hate relationship with facebook before and after reading some disturbing tweets I figured I would elaborate on my relationship with twitter.

I truly enjoy twitter for a number of reasons.  Here are some of them:

1) You can follow who you want.
2) You are only allowed 160 characters per message; this cracks down on the 7 paragraphs of complaining about laundry, work and the kids people do on facebook.
3) No one can tag you in an unflattering photo.
4) There isn’t much personal information one can provide with twitter.
5) When you follow the right people, a tweet can really inspire you and get you thinking.
6) And lastly, you don’t have to read about what people are doing 24 hours of the day.

I only follow 62 people.  Of those 62 people, at least 50 of them are church friends or pastors, some family and a couple celebrities.  Why do I follow @swish41?   Who knows, but since Kris Humphries has about the same number of followers as he does I figured I’d keep showing him some love!

Now on to the “hate” part of this post.  An old teammate of Adam’s tweeted about how disturbing some of Cam Newton’s tweets were.  So I decided to check out @CameronNewton and see what he was talking about.  Sure enough, I was completely blown away by how degrading, rude, conceited, etc., his tweets are.  I just lost so much respect for him (not that it really matters) but when someone is in the spotlight and has a younger generation looking up to them, there is no reason to write such awful things. Adam’s teammate then tweeted, “Talent is God give.  Be humble.  Fam is man-given.  Be grateful.  Conceit is self-give.  Be careful @CameronNewton”  ….And I think the last line sums it up.

So on that note, follow me on twitter @kharrington8 and some of my lovely friends, @aharrington21, @erinlcrispin, @mariawj, @lauralentz, @carllentzNYC, @joelhouston, @ChristineCaine,  @Mai2Flyy, @crispin3!


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