Blog Roll: Continued

17 Feb

>My dear friend Erin introduced me to a couple new blogs.  I should start out by saying, it is hard for me to really love a blog.  I certainly like reading blogs but there are not many out there that I truly love.

One that I have been liking a lot is Jon Acuff’s: Stuff Christian Like.  He is funny and his posts are right on cue making a connection to everyday life and the Bible.

Also, the other day she mentioned a blog called Girl Talk.  Now I haven’t been able to give this blog a full read, but the first story had the flood gates open.  I actually remember watching the first video of Zac Smith a few months ago.  Since then, he has met Jesus and his wife talks about her tears of hope.

Check it out.  It is truly a touching story of how such a tragedy can bring you closer to God and help you learn that no matter what happens or how bad thing can get, “God is still God and God is still Good!”


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