Warm or Fashionable?

16 Jan

>If anyone knows me they know I am not known for “dressing for the weather.”  Why?  I don’t like to layer.  I’d rather wear one t-shirt and call it an outfit.  However, things have finally changed.  I made a huge life realization this weekend.  And here it is: there comes a time in your life when you must choose to be warm or be fashionable and I’ve finally reached the point in my life where I’d rather be warm then be any bit fashionable.  

With that being said, the hands down best two purchases I’ve made this winter have been a pair of boots (no I am not talking about fashionable boots I am taking about a good pair of winter boots) and a pair of snow pants.  I’ve lived in New England nearly my entire life and I’ve never owned a pair of boots (crazy, I know).  So my advice to you this winter, who cares what you look like as long as you are warm! 🙂
Sweet boots, ay?  

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