Morning Prayer

14 Jan

>If anyone follows me on facebook you would’ve seen my status of Jayden blessing our food a couple days ago at breakfast.  We didn’t even ask him to bless our food, he simply put his head down and utter these sweet words, “Thank You Jesus for my food and family.  Please let Jilly come down from Heaven.  Amen.”

I instantly felt a tear.  And then I thought back to the night before when he saw Jilly’s pictures on the wall and asked when she can be done playing with Jesus and come see him.  And then last night while we were driving he said that it is ok to cry and be sad like Mommy does sometimes when we talk about Jilly.  This is all still so new to him and we are trying to explain to him where Auntie Jilly is without using certain words.  

I took some time to think about Jayden’s questions and blessing to see why this week he has been asking so many questions and then it hit me; Adam has been working non-stop on the basketball classic that is taking place this Saturday and Jayden is looking for his attention.  When Adam explains to him that he has things to do for Jilly’s foundation, he begins to wonder and ask questions.

None of this is easy but with God’s strength I am finding myself being able to explain and answer Jayden’s question in a way that he can try and make sense of everything.  I will continue to pray that God will provide me with those answers and help a little heart understand something that even as a grownup is hard to do.

In the Big Apple with Auntie Jilly!

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