Good-Bye 2010, Hello 2011

31 Dec

>My yearly recap has come.  It was fun to look at last years recap today to see how things went differently this year!  So here it goes:

December 2009/January 2010: Celebrated the holidays in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey.  Signed in Kolobrzeg, Poland on January 2nd.

February 2010: We celebrated Jayden’s 3rd birthday with 4 of Adam’s teammates and 3 of our new Polish friends in Kolobrzeg.

March 2010: Adam and I tired to help Jayden get rid of his pacifier (this was a huge event in our home) but it failed miserably when some of neighbors yelled at us in Polish.  Adam and I both started p90x (he is still doing it, I have taken a break)!

April 2010: The month my amazing sister-in-law and sweet nephew met Jesus.  Adam and his family launched the Jill E. Harrington Hanzalik Memorial Fund in honor of his beloved sister and nephew.

May 2010: A slow month of all of us.  Our hearts were aching and there were many questions left unanswered.

June 2010: Our first JEHH event took place at a local tavern.  We raised nearly $8,000!  Jayden attended his first summer sports camp and he absolutely loved it!  Lastly, my dear friends and family put on the most amazing bridal shower ever!

July 2010: Adam turned 30!  I pulled off an amazing surprise birthday party with our close friends and family!  We also celebrated Miss. Olivia Turner’s 3rd birthday in Richmond, VA!

August 2010: The first JEHH Golf Tournament took place and it was by far the best tournament Mount Snow had ever put on.  Adam and I were held hostage when our friends decided to have bachelor and bachelorette parties!  Adam went to a NY Yankees game and then to the beach for a night and the girls headed to Atlantic City to soak up the sun and have a great dinner!

September 2010: I married the man of my dreams!  It was a beautiful day…

October 2010: Our little man took his first trip to the ER for an injury.  He fell of his bed at 3:30 AM and hit his eye on the corner of his end stand.  7 stitches and 1 hour later he was back in his bed fast asleep!

November 2010: Adam decided to take a step back from basketball and train kids while he waited for a better contract to come.  I was asked to be apart of the birth of my best mommy friends’ 3rd child!  We welcomed Jaelyn to the world, it was a magical day!

December 2010: The Harrington household was attacked by the stomach bug twice; once landing me in his hospital. We were able to celebrated the holidays with our family and friends!

That is a quick, not very thought out year in review.  This year was struck by a horrible tragedy that we are still learning to deal with.  But by the Grace of God I know we will get through it and turn this mess into a message for everyone.  I am blessed beyond belief to be in a relationship with Jesus, to be surrounded by an amazing husband, a loving son, great friends and family.  I must not never forget that even in the hardest times.  Have a happy and safe new year everyone!


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