Valuable Lesson: Miss. Rita

23 Dec

>While I was at the hospital I had a “roommate.”  I couldn’t see the sweet old lady but I could hear her.  She told one of the nurses that she had no family and just a couple friends.  She said that she wouldn’t be doing anything for Christmas because she had no one to celebrate with.  She had lost her husband 15 years ago and she had gone down hill ever since.  Although I was totally out of it I remember saying to myself, I am going to go visit Rita when I feel better.

Yesterday both Jayden and I were feeling better so I told him about Miss. Rita and how we were going to go visit her.  He made her a special Christmas card and put together a treat bag.  When we arrived at the nursing home he continued to ask questions about who we were going to see yet I didn’t really have any answers.  We made our way to Rita’s room and she was delighted to have a couple visitors.  We had a great conversation and I told her how I was her roommate and wanted to visited her after I felt better.  Before we left I told her I would be back to visit every month with Jayden.  She had tears in her eyes she was so delighted!

When we left Jayden and I talked about people who don’t have family, friends, a home or food and he immediately began to thank Jesus for everything he is (it brought a tear to my eye).  I am so thankful that we were given the opportunity to meet sweet Rita!  Hopefully Jayden can bring a smile to her face and keep bringing pictures to decorate her little room!


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  1. The Turner Family December 23, 2010 at 6:44 PM #

    >Good for you!

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