The Stomach Bug

23 Dec

>After spending an amazing weekend in New York City Jayden was graciously greeted by a nasty stomach bug early Wednesday morning.  I called the doctor who told us he probably picked something up from the city and if he doesn’t stop throwing up or going to the bathroom by morning to to call back.  He did feel better the next morning but he was extremely tired.  On Friday morning I looked at Adam and told him I was beginning to feel ill.  Sure enough it hit me like a Mac truck.  Ouch!  I know myself and I know my body and when Adam got home from doing errands I told him I needed to go to the hospital.  Long story short, 4 bags of IV and a few other shots I was finally felt like myself again.

Just when we thought the bug was done, we were wrong.  While Adam was with me at the hospital he started to feel ill so he left and sent my Mom to be with me.  Sure enough, Adam was at home ill and the next morning I called my Mom and the bug attacked her as well.  The count doesn’t stop there, but we truly don’t know where other family members and friends attracted the bug.  Let’s just all agree and say it was a nasty bug that I hope to never meet again!


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