New Winter Activities: Karate & Ice-Skating

11 Dec

>I just wrote a piece about activities and now Jayden has just started two new activities.  I should start off by saying, besides gymnastic class in France and dance class in Poland last year, Jayden has never been in a “class” here in the United States.  The things Jayden would love to do I feel like he does them on a daily basis anyways; go to the gym with Daddy, playing basketball, baseball and soccer.  All of which he does weekly with Adam at the gym.  So if I was going to sign him up for something, it would not be one of those sports right now.  Instead, I looked into karate and ice-skating.

I am going to just put it out there that Jayden is incredibly coordinated and uncoordinated at the same time.  Is that even possible?  For example, his hand-eye coordination blows me away.  However, he could trip over a dust ball.  I just don’t get it.  So I decided that between karate and ice-skating he could really work on his overall coordination.  This morning we ventured out to his first karate lesson and he absolutely loved it.  He got right into the action and he did exactly what the instructor told him to do.  When the class was over he told me next week he had to wear “one of those white outfits and bring a sport bag to put it in.”

After karate we went to “Learn to Skate” at the local skating rink.  I had a feeling it was going to be a disaster because again, Jayden can’t walk without tripping or falling down.  Much to my surprise, he did great despite looking like a cute baby giraffe on stilts!  It took him a while to move a couple feet but he did it and was very proud of himself.  After it was over he told me he wanted to come back next week and thankfully my mother agree to strap on some skates and help him out a little more (God bless her soul).

How cute is my niece, Addison?
My little giraffe!

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