Parenting: Activity

10 Dec

>Let’s face it, preschool aged children are very active and in my eyes it is important that they are active on a daily basis.  At such an age they are interested in exploring and finding out their limits.  Therefore, scheduled active time is a must.  Indoors or outdoors, there are activities that can keep your children active and happy at the same time.

Jayden is very, very active.  He has more energy then I know what to do with at times.  Therefore, being active inside and outdoors is something I try to schedule everyday.  During the spring and summer months we spend the majority of our time outdoor.  During the fall and winter, it isn’t as easy to spend much time outdoors because it is so cold (Jayden is not a fan of the cold).  So to keep his activity level high we bring his basketball hoop indoors, a few softer balls and his scooter.  Yes I know, probably not things that should be allowed indoors but we make it an exception in our home.

Below are some of the indoor activities we do to let out some energy:

1.  Basketball Games.  Yes, we have some heated games in our home.  It usually ends up with Jayden and Adam both winning and Mommy losing.

2.  Balloon Game.  It sounds silly but a single balloon can offer at least 30 minutes of fun.  Try to keep the balloon from touching the ground as long as you can.  It really takes some effort and ends with lots of laughs.

3.  Beanbag Toss.  We have a small Cars beanbag games that Jayden just loves.  It isn’t anything too sophisticated but it does offer lots of fun.

4.  Scooter.  Again, probably not house appropriate but we do allow Jayden to ride his scooter around the house, mostly in the kitchen.  He isn’t harming anything and he is getting his legs moving.

5.  Dance Parties.  Go ahead and laugh but truth be told we have some awesome dance parties in our home.  If anyone has seen Jayden dance you can understand why having a simple dance party can let out some serious energy.

Of course there are many less “active” activities that we do on a daily basis but that’s for a different post. If your have the pre-winter blues indoors, try some of these activities.  It will let our some much needed energy!


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