Parenting: Discipline

5 Dec

>As parents, we must all realize that children are a gift from God.  A gift that can be taken away from you at any time, a gift that comes with extreme responsibility and a gift that should be raised with discipline.  It is our duty to lay out the blueprint for the rest of their life.

There are many different ways to discipline your child/children and each child reacts to discipline differently.  For example, raising my voice at Jayden does absolutely nothing.  It almost makes matters worse.  However, if I drop down to his level and use a calm voice he responds much more positively (although sometimes it’s harder on me I try to remember how is reacts when I yell).

It is important to realize what the bible says about discipline and how to put it in to action properly and effectively.  We must not let the desires of our children control their behavior.  For example, if they want to watch television instead of doing their chores, you are not doing them a favor or being their friend by allowing to watch television instead of taking care of responsibilities.  Allowing them to skip their responsibilities daily will create a pattern of laziness that could last a very long time.

In our home, discipline is not taken lightly.  There are special occasions when we let behavior slide a little but we try not to make it a weekly thing.  Adam and I both try to use consistent discipline techniques.  Therefore, whether Jayden is with Adam or I, the rules are still the same.  We also try to be the best role models we can.  I am surprised how much information and action Jayden can retain at such a young age.

As I mentioned earlier, every child reacts to discipline differently.  Below are a few things Adam and I have concluded about Jayden at this point in life:

1.  Jayden gets extremely embarrassed when he gets disciplined in public.  When Jayden needs to be discipline for acting inappropriately or not following the rules, we tend to bring Jayden away from the crowd.  It is much more effective and he reacts much better.

2.  Jayden’s poor behavior usually stems for one of two things; hunger and being tired.  Therefore, it is our duty to make sure he is feed and gets rest when he needs it.

3.  We correct Jayden when he is wrong or misbehaves but it is so important that Jayden hears our encouraging words and praise daily.  Jayden loves being praised.  I really feel like he feels like he is succeeding when he is praised.

4.  And lastly, when Adam is out of town Jayden’s behavior takes a hit.  I still haven’t figured out exactly why it’s still a work in progress.  But I have to remind myself that I need to be both the father figure and mother figure when Adam is out of town.  Jayden responds very well to men and I need to remember that.

As Christians it is importantly to realize that an undisciplined child is dishonoring the Lord and His word.  Some people may feel like we are too hard on Jayden but in our eyes we are being loving and responsible parents, raising a child on the word of the Lord.


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