Welcome, Jaelyn!

29 Nov

>I can’t believe I never gave Miss. Jaelyn Lee Boliski a proper introduction!

On November 9th I went to visit one of my most amazing friends in the hospital as she began her induction.  As the day went on I continued to be by her side as she fought through her contractions.  As time approached for the arrival, Ace had asked me to stay in the room to be with her while she delivered.  I was so honored and overwhelmed with joy!  I knew it was gong to be a long night so I decided I better grab sometime to eat and see Adam and Jayden real quick before they headed home for bed.  On my way back to the hospital her husband texted me and said, “You better get here NOW!”  I sprinted into the hospital and shortly after a 9 pound .25 ounce baby girl was born!

She truly is a gift from God.  Eric and Ace have 2 other children but both were born via in vitro after many years of trying.  Baby Jaelyn was conceived without any medication and she is a happy and healthy baby girl!  I am so happy for the Boliski family and I wish them nothing but happiness!


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