New York City & the Marathon

8 Nov

>Everyone knows Adam and I are spontaneous people.  There is no pulling my leg in order to get me to do something fun and exciting.  So on Saturday late-afternoon we jumped into the car and headed to New York City for the night to celebrate our dear friend, Carl’s birthday.  He had no idea we were coming so he was excited when we all showed up (Jayden too)!  It only took us 2 hours to get to New York but once we started heading into the city the traffic was crazy.  We had not known that the New York City Marathon was on Sunday.  Therefore add together regular New York City traffic plus 2 million extra people coming into the city just to watch/run the marathon and that counts for a lot of cars.  But on Sunday morning it was totally worth it.  We walked to a near by cafe which was located on the route of the marathon so we were able to cheer for the handicap, the lead pack of the woman and the lead pack of the men.  It was amazing to see how fast they were running.  I promise you, the lead pack of men were running faster then my sprint!  What a cool day to be in New York City!

I am sure there are many inspirational stories about people running marathons.  One that caught my eye this morning was about a man who had just been trapped in a mine in Chile for 69 days.  Can you even imagine trying to run in a marathon after being trapped in a mine for 69 days when the most he had run was 7 miles before?  It sound unreal but he did it and he was felt very honored and proud!  Check out on short story on him by MNN.


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