>Beauty & Confidence

6 Oct

>I saw a commercial today that really caught my attention.  Basically it was about a woman who walked into a room with little confidence and said, “I’m here” and then another girl walked in full of confidence and said, “Here I am” (insert sexy, confident tone).  Both girls were very pretty but you could see they way the second woman presented herself she had confidence in who she was.

During my walk with Jesus I have become much more confident in who I am as a person and with my looks.  For starters, God does not focus on my appearance but rather what my heart feels and my inner beauty is what is important to Him (1 Samuel 16:7).  Secondly, as simple as it may sound, Adam makes me feel absolutely beautiful.  So as God is strengthening my inner beauty and Adam is strengthening my appearance, I am more confident in myself today then I’ve ever been.

Are they’re days that I am not a fan of my hair, my skin or my body?  Of course.  But I have learned that when that happens I need to take my focus off my appearance and focus my eyes on the Lord.  For my top priorities do not lie on my looks but on God, my husband and our son.  The Bible does tell us that it is important to present ourselves nicely but not to take it to the extreme.

With that being said, my friend of mine told me a little story about herself.  She is a professional make-up artists, yet she rarely ever wears make-up.  I asked her why since she is so good at what she does and she said it was simple; she replied, “Why would I spend time putting on make-up every day when I can use that time reading my bible or spending alone time with the Lord?”  She continued to say, “I wear make-up about once a week or once every other week and that’s when I have date night with my husband.  I love getting all dolled up for him on date night so I feel super glamorous for him and only him!”  She made perfect sense.  And I’ve been following her lead for a few weeks now and I love it.  I don’t wear much make-up anyways but now I skip all the make-up and save it for date night; a special night with the love of my life.


One Response to “>Beauty & Confidence”

  1. Maria October 9, 2010 at 7:06 PM #

    >I'm not big on makeup either. I only wear it on special days. P.S. I think you're HOT all the dang time, girl. You always have it all together! 🙂

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