>My Favorite Items: Baking Soda

26 Sep


Who would’ve thought baking soda has become one of my favorite products?

Confession: I have awful skin.  And I mean awful.  I believe I wrote a similar post about my skin and my current treatments (however, I can’t find it) but after visiting numerous dermatologists, using a handful of different medications daily and becoming so sensitive to sun that it hurt to be outside for more than an hour I threw in the towel.  I literally threw away every medication I owned and broke a few frustration tears at the same time.  It was then when I decide to go for a more alternative route; baking soda.  
For about 5 weeks now I have been showering was baking soda.  I make a thick paste and use it all over my body.  Until this past week it has worked wonders.  I have never been so happy to go for a more alternative and natural route in my life.  Besides, .48 cents for a carton it is great on the wallet!  Hopefully I can give you another update in about 3 more weeks telling you I’ve made more progress!

One Response to “>My Favorite Items: Baking Soda”

  1. Maria September 27, 2010 at 5:54 AM #

    >Ahh…another convert! 😉 I've been off "the soda" for a month or so, and my skin is MAD! Time to go back to the paste. I hope the next few weeks prove to be successful for you!

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