>Blog: Single Dad Brad

18 Aug

>My dear friend, Maria, posted a link to “Single Dad Brad: The life and times of a single Dad” on her facebook wall. The title seemed interesting so I decided to take a look. Well, I just caught myself reading the entire blog. It it full of interesting parenting tips that seem very helpful.

This is just the blog I needed to read after an early morning meltdown yesterday. Jayden had slept over his Oma’s house since I had to bring Adam to the train station for 6 AM. Well when I drove to my mom’s house to pick him up, my mom had informed me he was up since 6:30 AM. If anyone knows Jayden at all, you would know he is a 12 hour sleeper and it it’s anything less then 10 he needs to go back to bed. By 9:30 AM he was ready for a nap but I was not ready for him to take a nap (selfish of me? maybe but I had offered to go lie back down with him at 7 AM when I got to my mom’s house and he refused). So from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM Jayden had spent the morning being so upset at me that I finally told him he was not allowed to leave his room. At noon when he FINALLY calm down I had prepared him some lunch and then by 12:30 PM it was nap time. I had to wake him up at 4:00 PM so we could go to the gym before dinner and I didn’t want him sleeping too late.
So what did the meltdown consist of? Well I don’t think that is blog appropriate since it was one of his top 3 meltdowns ever. I could not believe how upset he was. For a good 35 minutes he just kept saying, “Momma, I can’t stop crying. I can’t calm down!” I swear he repeated that 100 times. But during this meltdown I tried my hardest not to have a meltdown myself. Jayden does not respond well to harsh, stern and negative words. I could spank him but he literally gets so upset it wouldn’t phase him. So I sat on the couch and just listened to him yell, cry and throw himself around his room. Doctor recommended parenting technique? My gosh no, but there are times I feel I need to let him learn to calm himself down and realize what he is doing rather then go into his room and yell at him for how he has been acting.
At nap time I took some time to reflect on what had happened and looked to the Lord for guidance. He reassured me that it is in His hands and today has been a wonderful day thus far!

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