>My Favorite Items: Vistaprint

14 Jul

>I love telling people about my favorite items because most of my favorite items were recommended to me by someone else. So hopefully ya’ll enjoy them too!

Let me tell you about my biggest secret: www.vistaprint.com. This website is amazing. And the deals are just incredible. I came across this site about 3 years ago when I wanted to make my brother new address labels because he had just bought a new home. Since then I have used it to make invitations, business cards, more address labels, thank-you cards, banners, our wedding invitations, menu cards, programs and even a large magnet. When you first click go to the website you can see that their prices are not very reasonable. But here is the trick. Google “vistaprint promotional codes” and you will see how cheap the particular item you are ordering can be. For example, 100 postcards are typically $24.99 but I found a promotional code and was able to get 100 postcards for $1.99. I know, it’s crazy!
Even if you are not looking for any type of stationary right now, the website is worth a look and maybe next time you need invitations or address labels you’ll remember this post!

One Response to “>My Favorite Items: Vistaprint”

  1. The Turner Family July 14, 2010 at 9:42 PM #

    >Oh I have lived on this site for YEARS. Its the BEST.

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