>Berenstain Bears

23 Jun

>If you ever walk into our home you will hear one of three things: Christian music, a sporting event on the television, or nothing. I am not 100% against Jayden watching television but at his age I can think of countless activities he could do instead. With that being said, when I do allow Jayden to watch television, usually one 30 minute show every other day, I like to make sure it is somewhat educational. Lately, he has been in love with the Berenstain Bears. I think they were popular when I was Jayden’s age. Every episode plays two stories that both have some type of life lesson. Whether it is brushing your teeth, sharing or letting everyone play no matter their looks, I somehow reason with myself that it is ok for him to watch something that has a point behind the story. To top off, I always quiz him afterwards! So parents, if you are looking for something cute and education, try the Berenstain Bears!


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