>Living Overseas: The Mommy Edition

21 Apr


Work; not only is Adam a professional athlete but he is also a father.
I spent the last 3 days thinking about what I was going to write in this post and as I am typing I am still trying to find the right words to say. The point of this whole Living Overseas: The Mommy Edition is to explain to you “how I do it” (a question I’ve been asked countless times).
Typically Adam goes to practice twice a day for 2-3 hours each practice. Fortunately, Adam’s coaching staff has been kind enough to let Jayden go to some practices with him and as soon as they are done he is able to go play on the court. This is the highlight of Jayden’s week. He loves to go to work with Daddy and play with Adam’s teammates. But then there are the days Jayden can’t go and the meltdown begins. I have been having a very hard time explaining to Jayden that Daddy plays basketball to provide for our family. It is his job. I truly don’t think Jayden understands the full picture just yet. To Jayden, playing basketball is a game, it’s fun and anyone can play. I know he just turned 3 and he is still young but I want Jayden to realize what a privilege it is and how blessed we are that Adam can use his God given talents to provide for us.
There are days I tell Jayden that if it wasn’t for Daddy playing basketball then Mommy would have to work and he would have to go to school everyday. Those are the days he lets out a, “Thank you Jesus that my Daddy plays basketball!” And then there are game days, which we treat extra special in our house, when Jayden says his prayers at the dinner table, before we leave for the game, during the game and even after the game, win or lose. I know that Jayden realizes that basketball is very important to our family and without it he wouldn’t be able to do all the fun things we do; especially the things that cost money. But I pray that as he gets older he is able to understand the amazing blessing the Lord has given us and that we must cherish it for as long as we can because Daddy can’t play basketball for forever.
So how do I get the point across to Jayden that playing basketball is Daddy’s job and not just “a game?” Well, I am still trying to teach him that but what I wrote above are the steps I have taken thus far.

One Response to “>Living Overseas: The Mommy Edition”

  1. Maria April 21, 2010 at 5:30 PM #

    >We talk a lot about Kevin's job, because it causes him to be away for long periods. As far as TB is concerned, Kevin plays basketball; I work in an office; and his job is to go to school. I also bring him to my office on occasion, and we talk a lot about how our jobs provide us with clothes and food and toys (things he can understand…including trips to see grandma and grandpa!). I wish there would be a simple one size fits all for this discussion though! Oh well…like all things parenting, there are many ways!

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