>100th Post (11 posts late)

6 Apr

>I don’t know how but I missed my 100th post. So here are 100 random things about me (in no particular order) eleven posts later:

1. I love Jesus.
2. I fell in love with Adam when I was 12 years old.
3. I have a cast to prove it (broke my wrist that week in basketball camp). Adam wrote, “To my future wife, best wishes and good luck!”
4. I have the most amazing, talented, incredible little sister.
5. I use to think I knew a lot about computers until I converted to Mac. Now I know nothing.
6. I am extremely book smart.
7. But not so common sense smart.
8. I am the world’s worse speller.
9. I love Google.
10. I started a blog to share my words of wisdom. At first everyone laughed at me.
11. My hair and I have a complete love/hate relationship.
12. At least once of week I contemplate shaving my head.
13. I love cute workout gear (especially when it is free)!
14. My feet grew .5 size bigger when I was pregnant with Jayden.
15. I gained 63 lbs while I was pregnant. Yes, 63lbs. Don’t be nervous, it’s the only time in your life you can gain weight and be happy about it!
16. I lost all my pregnancy weight within 2 months. Can you say water weight!
17. From a strict diet and workout? No. Because I lived in a foreign country with a fiancee traveling and an standard car which I didn’t know how to drive.
18. I am more confident in myself now then I’ve ever been. Thank you Jesus!
19. I was Saved last May and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
20. I am a true basketball fan. Not one of those wives who has no idea what is gong on on the court.
21. Sometimes I yell at the refs even though they probably can’t understand me and they certainly can’t hear me.
22. I had back surgery on October 17th when I was 17 years old. I lost 17 lbs within 17 days I was in the hospital. That’s a lot of 17’s.
23. 8 is my favorite number.
24. I love fresh food, especially fresh bread.
25. Sweet Tomatoes is one of my favorite restaurants down south.
26. I am a very cheap date.
27. I’ve had the same two best friends since birth.
28. I love my Bible.
29. I love to sleep. I repeat, I love to sleep.
30. And I thank the Lord everyday and night that my son loves to sleep too.
31. It scares me a little bit that my son truly thinks when he plays basketball he transforms into Dirk Harrington.
32. My mom is my best friend. Hands down. I love her.
33. I laugh at my own jokes.
34. The older we get the closer my brother and I become.
35. I make a list for everything.
36. I don’t know if I would be able to survive without lists.
37. I have two fears in life: dying in a car and horses.
38. My first night at college I called Adam crying because I didn’t think I liked my roommate; the next morning was the start of an amazing friendship!
39. I am a very picky eater.
40. I love to travel; to anywhere to do anything.
41. I really don’t enjoy driving for long periods of time in the car.
42. I can recite the movie Sweet Home Alabama back and forth.
43. I love fashion but will never be fashionable. I have finally accepted that.
44. Humid weather is the death of me.
45. I love Las Vegas.
46. I not exceptionally great at anything but think of myself as good at many things.
47. I love my life.
48. Sometimes I snort when I laugh.
49. I love good penmanship.
50. Pizza is by far my favorite food.
51. I’ve been the same weight since I was in high school.
52. I love people who are in love. It’s such a wonderful thing!
53. I find giving to be one of the most incredible feelings.
54. I love sweet, old people.
55. I only have a total, from both sides of the family, of 4 cousins.
56. I wonder if any actually reads my blog or I am just writing for fun? Either way I will continue.
57. I change my mind all the time.
58. Loud music and/or a loud television drives me bonkers.
59. I have kankles. Yes, I’ll admit it.
60. I love comfortable sneakers.
61. It breaks my heart to see people begging for food or money.
62. I love Europe.
63. I would raise my kids in Europe if I could.
64. Dark chocolate and I are in love.
65. I love to clean. Clean everything and anything. I would be a cleaner someday if it wasn’t a minimum waged job.
66. I can’t swim.
67. When I am really nervous I lose my breath.
68. I can cry on cue.
69. I worry when Jayden isn’t with me. I guess it’s just a motherly thing.
70. I constantly apologize to my mother for the mean things I probably said when I was a little girl.
71. I love the dentist. Cavity free since birth!
72. I can’t go to be without brushing my teeth.
73. I get this happy/proud feeling every time Adam is announced before the start of his games.
74. I love expensive handbags. I try to tell Adam is he lucky that I don’t love handbags and shoes.
75. I can’t stand shopping with Adam.
76. On the other hand, I love shopping with Adam’s credit card. Funny how that works.
77. I assure that Jayden is always clean; clean clothes, clean face, hands, etc.
78. You will never see me wear a pair of dirty sneakers.
80. I think that if everyone stepped back they would realize how amazing life is.
81. I truly feel blessed with everything I have in my life.
82. There are some friendships that I have lost due to many reasons that I hope someday will come back.
83. I love when Adam compliments me.
84. One of the best feelings in the world; getting my eyebrows waxed. I love it.
85. I wish people would realize life is a gift.
86. I really don’t like doing the dishes.
87. Yet, I would happily scrub your toilet.
88. Sometimes I am compelled to start cleaning when I am at someone else’s house. I hope no one takes it the wrong way.
89. I am convinced Jayden could go on television show for saying funny thing.
90. I love taking my Meme to lunch. She may tell me the same stories every time but they are totally worth listening to again.
91. God willing, I would love to have more children.
92. I have some friends that I could go months without talking to and when I see them again we can pick up exactly where we left off.
93. I am very thankful for my basketwives; especially a few of them that have taught so much this past year or has it been two years?
94. I am overly obsessed with paper towels. I need to be more green about this.
95. My favorite NBA player: Raja Bell.
96. I am not the star struck type.
97. I kinda giggle inside every time I see Adam sign an autograph; especially when we are stopped in airports, on the street, in the elevator, etc.
98. You want to talk about random; every time Adam is with Dirk I am on my death bed. i.e., when Adam played in Bamberg, him and Dirk were training together and having a great time during the pre-season. I was in our flat pregnant with a stomach virus. Next, NBA All-Star in N.O. I spent the flight down to N.O. in the bathroom throwing up the whole time while the attendant watched Jayden. The NBA Doctor came to our room and discovered I had a 105 degree fever and extremely ill. Again, Dirk and Adam were hanging around N.O. having a great time. Lastly, this past summer Adam flew to Germany to train for the week with Dirk and I was at home with strep throat. I am convinced Dirk should be uninvited to our wedding!
99. I have more love for Adam and Jayden then I have thought possible.
100. I love me for me.
That’s a lot of randomness for you. Hope you enjoyed it and learned a little more about me!

2 Responses to “>100th Post (11 posts late)”

  1. Maria April 7, 2010 at 3:22 PM #

    >What does it say about me that I read all of these? I have a few comments too!RE:10– I didn't laugh, so not EVERYONE laughed. LOL!11&12– Not sure why. I always think your hair looks good and wish mine would look as good as yours!20– Me too! I never realized that there was any other way until we were in France. 40, 41, 43, 47, 53, 62, 63– Me too! It's too bad we never end up on a team together. Well, our husbands!55– I couldn't even imagine so few! We have 3 great grandkids on my mom's side already, and I have over 30 cousins. My grandparents were busy…12 kids. LOL~56– I read. And comment. 65– if you start your own cleaning company, I bet you could make more than min wage.86 & 87– I'll do your dishes if you scrub my toilet.Thank you Jesus for #93.94– I got your back. :)98– I think I should be invited TO your wedding. Un-invite Dirk. Invite me! LOL! Don't tell his mama though!

  2. The Turner Family April 11, 2010 at 9:34 PM #

    >You are one funny girl, and we are seriously so-alike…its funny.

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