>The Nuknuk Fairy

15 Mar

>I can’t believe I’ve done it. But today was the day.

After a major (and I mean MAJOR) meltdown this morning I decided it was time to toss the pacifiers in the trash. The problem is when Jayden has a meltdown he doesn’t know how to calm himself down until he finds his pacifier. At 3 years old, I truly think he should be able to find other ways to sooth himself; his doudou, blanket, a hug, anything but nothing works. So as he was screaming at the top of his lungs this morning for his nuknuk I decided it was time.
After discussing it with Adam quickly, he agreed that it was overdue so we are now working together to get Jayden pacifier free. Some of you may be thinking I am nuts and can’t believe Adam and I have to “work together” to get this done. I am being 110% honest when I say Jayden absolutely loved his pacifiers. Ask anyone who knows him well enough. He relied on his pacifier every nap and every night to sooth himself to fall asleep. And now they’re gone.
We are currently in our first test: nap time. I put Jayden down at 1:45 PM and by 2:10 PM he had fallen asleep. I am not sure how long he will sleep or what will happen if he wakes up but we shall soon see.

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