>Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Machine by Brookstone

24 Feb

>Sorry for all the posts but the month of February is winding down so I must get in as many of Jayden’s favorite thing that I can!

My wonderful gift giving soon-to-be mother-in-law gave us the Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Machine for Baby before Jayden was born and we put it to use the day we took him home from the hospital. Basically the machine plays white noise that helps the child fall asleep. After so long the machine shuts off and the white noise fades away.
It machine is on the pricer side. It can be found on Amazon and at Brookstone for about $70.00. However, I would’ve paid $200+ for the machine. It really relaxed and calmed Jayden and help him learn how to fall asleep without being held or nursing at a very young age.
According to Brookstone, “with programs developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, Brookstone Tranquil Moments white noise machines for babies are clinically proven baby sleep solutions for parents looking for a little sleep themselves! Wonderfully effective sleep aids, these white noise machines calm restless children and help them sleep more soundly.”
It really work!

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