>ABC Jesus Loves Me

17 Feb

>I wish I could post an in-depth response to our favorite learning website but since we’ve only been working with the website for 2 weeks now, I am definitely not in any place to write a critical review. With that said, I just wanted to share with everyone why we are currently enjoying ABC Jesus Loves Me. I started the 3 Year Old Curriculum with Jayden a couple weeks ago. Because I didn’t start in the “official” school year we decide to just start with week 1 and go from there.

Each week contains certain colors, numbers and letters to learn. There is also bible stories, poems and weekly activities. So far we are absolutely loving the program. I ordered the basic books and currently waiting for them to be sent over but for now I am getting as much of the material online as I can. For Jayden I think it will be better once he has an actual book to follow rather than the computer. I am amazed on how fun learning can be. Jayden gets so excited when I tell him its school time for Mommy & Jayden! Look out for a more in-depth post a few months from now when I really have the website under my belt!

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