>Professional Basketball Player vs. Stay-At-Home Fashion Mom

22 Jan

Adam and I have this running joke that when he buys new clothes, shoes, basketball gear, etc., he is buying them because he needs them for his career. Well one time I feel in love with a pair of boots in France. I didn’t need them, but I really wanted them. So as I was trying to convince Adam that I had to have these boots I explained to him that I am a Stay-At-Home Fashion Mom who needs them for my career.

As Jayden and I were looking out the window waiting for Adam to get home we saw him carrying 2 big boxes in his hand. My first thought was someone sent it us a package from the states but I could tell from the package it wasn’t. Adam came upstairs and let Jayden and I open up the boxes. Sure enough, 4 brand new pairs of sneakers sent from Nike. The moral to my story? I need someone like Nike to send me fashionable clothing since I am a Fashion Mom. That gets me thinking… I wonder if I could pitch my idea to someone! 😉

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