>Our Journey to Kolobrzeg, Poland

15 Jan

>We arrived and are doing well. It was actually a pretty uneventful trip; besides missing our connection in Frankfurt, Jayden only sleep a total of 6 hours the entire trip and losing one piece of luggage (it was Adam’s so he wore the same sweatsuit for 5 days).

It started at 9:00am on Wednesday and was a full 24 hour journey across the pond. We drove 2 hours to Boston, flew from Boston to Toronto, Toronto to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Berlin and then drove 4 hours from Berlin to Kolobrzeg, Poland. It could’ve been worse!
Our flat is absolutely adorable. Brand new, super clean and even decorated. We live about 100 meters from the gym so it works our perfectly for Adam. There is a huge swimming pool and indoor play area for Jayden so that’s what has been keeping us entertained until I find a private school for him.
Other than that, life is great! Adam was unable to play last Saturday because FIBA did not get his clearance in time. Thankfully he will be able to play tomorrow. He is ready and excited.
The daily blogging will continue as long as our internet is cooperative.

One Response to “>Our Journey to Kolobrzeg, Poland”

  1. Maria January 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM #

    >Glad you all made it and all is well! I miss our chats!

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