>My Favorite Items: What is Christmas?

23 Dec

Trying to teach a 2-year-old the meaning of Christmas is very hard. When talking about Christmas t0 a young child the same questions are asked, “Have you been a good boy?” “Is Santa bringing you presents?” “Are you going to leave Santa some milk and cookies?” but that’s not what Christmas is really about. Even though Jayden is only 2 it is important to us that he learns the real meaning behind the holidays we celebrate. For explaining the meaning of Christmas I have turned to a simple, cute book called, “What is Christmas?” Written by Michelle Medlock Adams. Of course Jayden does not understand the full meaning behind Christmas but he gets that, “Santa Claus and Christmas trees and presents are okay, but Jesus is the real reason we have a Christmas Day!”


One Response to “>My Favorite Items: What is Christmas?”

  1. Maria December 23, 2009 at 4:30 PM #

    >We have a birthday party for Jesus. I bake him a cake and everything. 🙂

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