>It’s depressing…

2 Dec

>How depressing is it that on every news channel, website, the cover of every magazine and newspaper is the story of a golfer who has had an alleged affair. It makes me sick that the media spends so much time on dealing with events that are not beneficial to anyone in this world.


One Response to “>It’s depressing…”

  1. Maria December 2, 2009 at 6:12 PM #

    >Yup. There are too many gossips in this world, and the public eats up another's transgressions, irregardless of the plank in their own eye (see Matthew 7). If anything the coverage is hurtful, and certainly not loving of ones neighbor. If he did cheat, certainly that is sinful, but the media cannot change that, nor does it belong at the front of our news. Of course, I say this all knowing that I read one single article after seeing a status message about it today. I've avoided the non-stop media coverage by not watching live TV. LOL!

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